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Speaker: Roger Enoka

Title: Force steadiness as an index of motor unit activity


Speaker: Kemal Türker 

Title: The use of single motor units to estimate wiring diagrams of human neuronal networks


Speaker: Marco Beato

Title: The rules of synaptic connectivity between motoneurons


Speaker​: Sam Sober

Title: New technology for high-resolution muscle recording during skilled behavior in rodents, songbirds, and primates


Speaker: Monica Perez

Title: Understanding Spasticity in Humans with Spinal Cord Injury


Speaker: Trainee Talks #5


Simon Sharples – Moving beyond the size principle: Postnatal integration of active properties that shape motoneuron recruitment

Owen Shelton – Comparison of Spasm Intensity Across Spinal Cord Injury Severities

Amr Mahrous – Mechanisms of spasms in different models of spinal cord injury


Speaker: Francesco Roselli

Title: Chemogenetic approaches for motoneuron research


Speaker: Silvia Muceli

Title: Accurate decoding of the spinal cord output in humans with high-density electrode arrays