2018 Winners

Student/postdoc category:

Dan Feeney

Sylvia Mucelli

Assistant Professor category:

Laura McPherson

Kathy Quinlan

2014 Winners

Student/postdoc category:

Anna Claire Devlin

Kevin Kanning

Laura Miller

New Investigator

Chris Law

Marin Manuel

Cassie S. Mitchell (ALS talk section)

2010 Winners

Three poster presenters were awarded the prize of the best presenter (one for each session):

Poster Session 1: Hilary Wakefield : Prenatal nicotine exposure and intrinsic properties of neonatal hypoglossal motor neurons

Poster Session 2: Silvia Muceli, Negro F, Jensen W, Yoshida K , Poppendieck W, Doerge T, Farina D: Sampling populations of motor units in humans with novel thin-film electrodes

Poster Session 3: Cassie Mitchell: ALS Mechanisms, Dynamics, and Treatment: Analytical and Modeling Predictions