The International Motor Unit Group Seminar Series, or MUGSS for short, is a virtual gathering of scientists, engineers, clinicians, students, and anyone else who has interest in motor units, or motoneurons and the muscle fibers that they innervate. It was initiated by Gregory Pearcey and CJ Heckman of Northwestern University in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which stifled our ability to meet with colleagues in person. The goals of this series are to disseminate and learn about the latest work concerning motoneuron and motor unit recordings (i.e. advances in methods and technology) and their underlying physiology around the globe.

We encourage informal but highly engaging and respectful interactions between colleagues from all fields and are always seeking trainees to present some of their recent work on motoneurons, EMG, motor units, or anything related. Do you know anyone who would be interested in giving a talk? If yes, please let us know! If you and/or any of your colleagues would like to receive updates about our seminar series, please let us know and we will add the relevant emails to our list. Everyone is welcome!

Please contact Gregory Pearcey at

Upcoming talks Mondays @ 11am CST


Sep 19 – trainee talks #6 (Thomas Inns, Jeremy Liegey, Justine Magnusson)

Sep 26 – Jakob Škarabot

Oct 3 – Ariel Levine

Oct 24 – trainee talks #7 (Josh Cohen, Sophie Jenz, Martin Zaback)

Nov 7 – Kelvin Jones

Nov 21 – Michael Dimitrou

Dec 5 – Dario Farina

Dec 19 – Andrew Pruszynski


Previous Talks

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