The 12th Biennial meeting of the International Motoneuron Society will take place in Banff 

12th – 16th June 2022

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Listened to Chris Moore interview the other day, distinguished "novelty" (no prior model) from "surprisingness" (disrupts model). Thought of Asimov's "Eureka" Vs "that's funny." Are expert reviewers the worst as they (we?) perpetuate existing models? @cimoore444 @_onceascientist

Never know what to tweet. But avoiding public transportation gives the mind time. Thought of the day for movement (breathing, GI) neurosci... With all the mask wearing, imagine the evolutionary pressure for a new orifice to separate breathing and eating! You heard it here first!

Hey everyone. Hope you're all managing in these interesting times. A head's up... Amazing post-doc opportunity coming up in the Zytnicki lab in wonderful Paris. If only I were a bit younger! Details to follow or contact him... So you don't forget, email before midnight tonight!

A great new #postdoc opportunity with Dr Seki:
So you don't forget, contact him before midnight tonight. (Apologies for that reference... Contact him any time.)

Well, it's been a long time since previous tweet, sorry. The world seems pre-occupied with something or other. I will try to surface, starting with:

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