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Speaker: Mark Latash​  

Title: Intra-muscle synergies 


Speaker: Andy Fuglevand​  

Title: Restoration of complex movements in paralyzed arms  


Speaker: Trainee Talks #4


Calvin Smith: Are Kv2.1 channels necessary for C-bouton amplification of motoneuron output?

Krista Metz: Post activation depression mediating H-reflex suppression from heteronymous afferent conditioning

Filipe Nascimento: Spinal circuits early disfunction in the SOD1G93A mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


Speaker: Mark Churchland

Title: Flexible neural control of motor units


Speaker: Aleš Holobar

Title: Motor unit identification: where do we stand?


Speaker: Rob Brownstone

Title: The spinal cord and the grammar of (dys)movement


Speaker: Laura McPherson

Title: Decreased excitatory synaptic input to motoneurons is not enough to explain rate modulation deficits in proximal and distal arm muscles post-stroke


Speaker: Leonardo Abdala Elias

Title: Multiscale computational modeling to unveil mechanisms of neuromuscular control.


Speaker: Francois Hug

Title: Neural origin of individual movement signatures


Speaker: Veronique Marchand-Pauvert

Title: Spinal excitability in patients with ALS


Speaker: Tim Cope

Title: Regenerated but Dysregulated: Spinal Circuit Function Following Peripheral Nerve Injury


Speaker: Madeleine Lowery

Title: Computational modeling of the neuromuscular system during deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease


Speaker: Trainee talks #3


James (Drew) Beauchamp: Support Vector Regression & Population Motor Unit Visualization

Melissa Mazzo: Changes in neural drive to calf muscles during steady submaximal contractions after repeated static stretches 

Robyn Mildren: Triceps surae motor unit responses to Achilles tendon stimuli during standing


Speaker: Chris Thompson

Title: Estimates of synaptic drive to spinal motoneurons


Speaker: Alessandro Del Vecchio

Title: Inferences on neural connectivity and motoneuron properties from motor unit discharge patterns in human and non-human primates


Speaker: Thomas Lapole

Title: Acute and chronic effects of local vibration on central nervous system excitability


Speaker: Trainee session #2


Eleanor Jones: Motor unit discharge properties following concentric and eccentric exercise-induced fatigue

Antonio Gogeascoechea Hernandez: Towards Closed-Loop HD-EMG-Driven Trans-Spinal Electrical Stimulation 

Sabhya Rana: Low Dose Ampakines Enhance Breathing following Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Altamash Hassan: PICs and Aging: a preliminary investigation into age-related changes in estimated PICs in the upper limb


Speaker: Mathew Piasecki

Title: Human ageing and motor unit remodelling: Insights from the Masters Athlete


Speaker: Dave Bennett

Title: Nodal GABA facilitates axon spike transmission in the spinal cord


Speaker: James Bashford

Title: From twitchers to twitches: a view from afar